Brand embodiment workshop

2021, Slovenia

Target audience:

People with passion - creative entrepreneurs (artists and music professionals) and leaders of small organizations

Workshop objective:

Understand who you are as a brand, and learn how to present and communicate the essence of your business identity consistently through mind (text and visual language) and body (archetype embodiment)

Express your brand story Through movement and visualization, Reach your brand potential through embodiment of archetypes

Would you like to deepen understanding of your customers' motivation and experience?

With the rising tide of globalized corporate advertising, brand identity remains a difficult topic to small size companies and solo entrepreneurs.

To answer the question, “Why should my customers care about what I do?” is a very difficult task that includes expressing our intrinsic nature. We struggle to articulate our brand story because at its very core, the essence of who we are and why we do what we do comes from our bodies and not only thoughts in our minds.

This workshop is an opportunity to explore your brand identity through the language of the body: sensation, movement and breath. In this 13-hour workshop, you will learn the foundational framework for embodied self-exploration to empower a sense of self that is defined from the inside out, versus the other way around.

Through guided movement visualizations we will explore and align the archetypal energies of your mind, body and your products or services, to deepen our awareness of how these three converging currents define who we are and the way we engage with our consumers.

Guided by three experienced facilitators you will examine these qualities, how you uniquely define these concepts for yourself, and how archetypes power up your brand identity, expression and experience.

The workshop consists of guided movement visualizations, sharping your brand identity and connecting with other participants, acting as your branding personas. You will get unique insights and experiences learning from each other how to streamline your marketing expression.

About branding archetypes

Identifying and harnessing your brand archetype is the most powerful way to reach its full potential.

Archetypes represent universal expression of meaning, behavior and communication.

They humanize your vision, mission and values and tell your story in a way that magnetically attracts the ideal customers and allows you to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Brand archetypes speak to your customers’ primary motivations that ultimately lead to engagement and trust, which is the foundation of a deep and lasting relationship of your brand and your consumers.

Find out more about branding archetypes


Day 1 / Friday

15:30 › Opening and introduction

16:30 › Mindful warmup

20:00 › Dinner

Day 2 / Saturday

8:00 › Breakfast, introduction circle

9:00 › Warming up that leads to a meditative dance

10:00 › Archetype branding and embodiment Part 1

14:00 › Lunch

15:30 › Relaxed visualization

17:30 › Individual hours

20:00 › Dinner

Day 3 / Sunday

8:00 › Breakfast

9:00 › Warming up that leads to a meditative dance

10:00 › Archetype branding and embodiment Part 2

14:00 › Lunch

15:00 › Practical tips for using your brand strategy

16:00 › Conclusion

What will I get

  • In-depth insight into your business mission and values, extra confidence in communicating your brand story (even if they wake you up in the middle of the night :)

  • A branding strategy guide you can use to create any promotional content for your business. See sample.

  • An unforgettable weekend in a group of like-minded people, a retreat from the everyday hectic with enjoyment of movement, games, meditative visualizations, dance and relaxation.


Early bird price: 279 €

Register and pay 2 months in advance

Regular price: 369 €

What is included in the price:

  • branding strategy document

  • 13 hours of embodying and exploring archetypes with 3 facilitators

  • in-depth insights from experts and assistance in clearly communicating and telling your brand story


Vija Vaja Movement Institute, Dolenjska cesta 43, Ljubljana

Vija Vaja is home and shelter to all wishing to awaken sleeping talents, desires and dreams through creative expressions of dance and movement.


We are the creators of a unique methodology that combines movement, the power of archetypes and visualization to internalize and better communicate the essence of your marketing message.

Sandra Anais

Certified archetypal consultant and leader of archetype embodiment workshops.

Saša Starovojtov

Branding expert, entrepreneur and aikido master – holder of 5th degree black belt.

Nana Žargi

Designer and hypnotherapist.


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About Dokiai

Dokiai is Ljubjana based NGO with official public-interest status from the Slovenian Ministry of Sport and Education, offering its members the stability and structure they need for well-being and personal growth. Our teaching method links the principles of martial arts to everyday life.

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