Aikido leadership

Retreat for leaders, managers and entrepreneurs


Veduna retreats, near Velenje, Slovenia

Gain embodied skills to be effective under pressure, lead in the midst of instability, ambiguity and complexity. Boost emotional intelligence and self awareness, get tools to better connect with your team.

Aikido leadership is becoming a popular and effective tool to international coaching community. Leaders practicing aikido embodiment techniques and principles say that they are more flexible and have the capacity to deal with stressful and difficult situations with joy and ease.

Are you a leader?

Are you responsible for growth and development in your company? Do you manage, encourage and motivate your team for driving results and meeting challenges?


Eastern principles meet western psychology

The concept of embodied leadership is derived from somatic coaching, a unique approach that brings the body forward to create a place for structure, order and stability.

It combines action, breathing, feeling and meaning and is based on the idea that the mind and body are inextricably linked. Body-mind connection is a catalyst of continuous and profound personal development.

Our program is based on 3 practices: mindfulness, aikido and contact improvisation.

It is designed for leaders who wish to access a deeper dimension to their leadership.

This retreat will make you more aware of your internal source of energy, show you ways to manage it, energize yourself and motivate others. The training will also give you a powerful set of practical tools to apply in your daily life and the life of a leader.

- No aikido knowledge, great physical condition or other prerequisites required.


Mindfulness is the most important activity to enhance your personal transformation. Our mindful practice includes Ficho breathing system and self-awareness exercises held individually and in groups.


Aikido, a discipline for modern day heroes, will let you reshape your posture, allow new ways of acting and relating to others with increased balance, grace, and effectiveness in stressful situations.

Contact improvisation

Reach the inner source of your creativity to find out of the box solutions for dealing with complex sets of circumstances.

You will learn how to

  • understand and recognize your own reactive stress patterns

  • shift into a more centered state under stress or pressure

  • radiate inspiration in challenging surrounding

  • recover your centre while dealing with resistance and opposition

  • deal with difficult people and unexpected situations from the jitters into a dance

By the end of the program you will be able to

find new energy and balance, deepen self-awareness and boost your EQ, resolve conflicts with less words, connect to the core of leadership, better motivate and lead yourself and others.

Retreat Facilitators

Goran Bogdanovski

Personal transformation and professional development coach integrating dance improvisation and holistic education in a playful process, founder of Ficho Institute

Saša Starovojtov

Bearer of 5th dan in Aikido who inspired and educated many aikido practitioners, founder of Slovenian Aikido Federation and the initiator of recognized socially responsible projects.


Day 1 / Friday

16:00 › Arrival, accommodation

17:00 › Meeting, introduction circle

17:30 › Workshop 1

20:00 › Dinner

Day 2 / Saturday

8:00 › Breakfast

9:00 › Workshop 2

13:30 › Lunch

› free time (sauna, walks in the nature, etc.)

17:00 › Workshop 3

20:00 › Dinner

Day 3 / Sunday

8:00 › Breakfast

9:00 › Workshop 4

13:30 › Lunch

› free time

17:00 › Closing circle

19:00 › Farewells


Veduna Retreats

Centre for sustainable, creative and conscious living, offering a unique space for inspiring workshops.


Promotional price for pilot project with Veduna retreats.

Early bird price 358 €

Register and pay 2 months in advance.

Regular price: 396 €

Price includes:

  • 15 hours training

  • 2 facilitators

  • Training uniform

  • 3 accommodation options (paid separately)


Option 1: MANAGER

Dormitory room for 6 people with shared bathroom

  • €64 person/night


Room for 3 people with en-suite bathroom and private balcony

  • €84 person/night


Double bed room with en-suite bathroom and private balcony

  • €188 room/night

All options include

  • Organic vegetarian meals 3 times per day, water, tea, coffee (value 200 €).

  • Food is organically grown, freshly picked and lovingly prepared.

* The retreat does not allow alcohol as it tends to cloud the mind, blunt senses and suppress emotions.